Some History

The idea behind the AviationStats website was born while trying to do research for an article, when it became apparent that finding some of the key industry data was quite a challenge. And such data is used by nearly every aerospace/aviation/travel entity, so, it was decided to create an ad-driven website which would contain such information in an easy-to-navigate manner.

We also depend upon feedback from our users, with suggestions on what to add (we will investigate this to see if it is possible), or better ways to present it. Use our CONTACT US form to reach us.

Our Philosophy
When you publish a book, it's the world's book. The world edits it.
Philip Milton Roth - Novelist
Who We Are

We have a high-degree of experience in handling various types of cutting edge and emerging technology projects and efforts. This is in either a leadership role, with varied international teams, or, as part of a local team effort. Contact us to learn more and see if OPM is the right partner for your needs.

OPM Research is part of OP Management (OPM), which has a number of aerospace-related projects and products.

Key Projects & Capabilities

We have extensive background and experience handling the following areas of knowledge and industry topics:

    • Business development / analysis / market scoping and Marketing strategy / tactics
    • eBusiness / eCommerce topics
    • Emerging use of Electronic Data and eForms (Electronic Forms replacing Paper Documents)
    • Business/management aspects of digital security in aerospace/aviation & technology sectors, as well as business as it relates to technology
    • A4A/ATA Spec 2000 and related international standards – being part of various standards efforts and leading product development teams using these standards

Key Presentations and Public Appearances

A selection of John Pawlicki’s notable public speaking engagements:

    • ATA (Air Transport Association) 2011 Annual e-Business Forum: Montreal, Quebec
      1) Served as Track Moderator for one of the three conference tracks for the 2-day conference
      2) On behalf of the Dept of Transportations (DOT) Volpe Center, co-presented on the new industry working group (eEnabled Aircraft Cybersecurity Operations – eEACSec WG)  launched in cooperation with the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) – which I had assisted in pulling together
    • ASA (Aviation Suppliers Association) 2009 Annual Conference: Las Vegas, NV
      Presentation on emerging eForms and how the FAA Form 8130-3 will migrate from a paper document to a XML-based PKI-authenticated e-document

Sample of notable public appearances before forming OPM:

    • Aviation Week’s Aircraft Data conference 2008 – Phoenix
      Served as moderator & spoke on the ‘Importance of Industry Standards’
    • Aviation Industry MRO Conference 2008 – Phoenix
      ‘Securing Your Data: Challenges & Solutions in Addressing the Increasing Amounts of Data’
    • ATA (Air Transport Association) Annual eBusiness Forum 2007 – Miami
      ‘Digital Security’ presentation & moderated Security Track for the conference
    • SAE Aerospace 2007 – Los Angeles
      ‘Digital Identities in the Aerospace Environment’
    • Farnborough 2006 – London
      ‘Increasing the Security of Data Exchange in the Aerospace Supply Chain’
    • Aero-Engine Conference 2005 – Dublin
      Electronic Data Task Force presentation
    • SAE World Aviation Congress’ 2002 / 2003 – Wichita / Phoenix
      .AERO Domain Name, and, Aerospace Industry Business & Technology Trends
    • Eye For Aerospace conferences 2002 / 2003 – Paris / Dallas
      Presented and moderated on eBusiness topics
    • Morgan Stanley CIO Forum 2001 – New York
      Participated upon the Aerospace Panel discussion, and handled analysts/press inquiries

Various other conferences and trade show appearances, speaking on eBusiness, digital security and aerospace industry trends

The Face Behind AviationStats

John is an aerospace industry veteran who had developed various innovative products and services (eCommerce/eBusiness software and services, digital security mechanisms, supply chain and Spec 2000-related products and services) used by the global Aerospace and Aviation industries.  John has extensive experience in handling many aspects of aerospace/aviation operational issues with technology solutions, as well as being part of emerging industry trends in various new technologies and setting up joint ventures / teaming efforts.

He writes the feature column named ‘Tech Talk’ in Director of Maintenance (DOM) magazine. Topics are cutting-edge technology-focused issues facing the Aerospace/Aviation aftermarket, and are written to a generally non-IT audience.

Technology Columnist

Write the feature column named ‘Tech Talk’ in Director of Maintenance (DOM) magazine.

Topics are cutting-edge technology-focused issues facing the Aerospace/Aviation aftermarket, and are written to a generally non-IT audie

nce. Sample articles are found the PORTFOLIO page on the site, and each magazine issue can be found at DOMMAGAZINE.COM.



What We Do

Industry Experience

AviationStats/OPM Research is focused upon the global aerospace/aviation industry, handling many different business and technological aspects of each. This experience has ranged from software engineering of aircraft systems, handling business development and marketing, to overseeing innovation and new technology efforts as the industry adapts forward.

Strategy & Leadership

In order to lead and define where an organization (or a product line) is going, you need to understand the nuances of the industry. Good strategy depends upon such knowledge and experience, and effective leadership depends upon knowing how to make use of strategy, people and assets.

Research Research Research

Research is not only understanding how to effectively use Google search, but by understanding what you need to find, sorting thru the clutter, and presenting results in a usable manner.